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What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is the most modern development in homeopathic medicine and is based on the integration of basic medical science with homeopathic principles. It represents a unique synthesis between the concepts of molecular biology, biochemistry, toxicology and patho-physiology, resulting in non-toxic biological therapies.

Homotoxicology represents a significant advance in the field of biological medicine.

Each living organism is viewed as a dynamic flow system constantly adjusting to its immediate environment. Any noxious influence disturbing this delicate dynamic flow balance is defined as a “homotoxin”, meaning toxic to humans. Homotoxins may originate internally (metabolic products not broken down or eliminated efficiently) or externally (environmental contaminants, infectious agents, etc.) When a homotoxin is encountered, the organism attempts to eliminate it, if possible, or adapt to the noxious influence if elimination cannot be effectively accomplished. Homotoxicology maintains that all vital processes depend on the interconversion of chemically identifiable agents into useful energy. In the case of disease, the chemical substances have become pathogenic toxins. These homotoxins are responsible for those processes we call “disease”. Many symptoms of “disease” are actually manifestations of the body attempting to detoxify (heal) itself from homotoxins. Anti-homotoxic, pro-biologic therapy assists the immune system in its attempts to detoxify itself from disease causing homtoxins.

Conditions that can benefit from Homotoxicology:

Most disease conditions may benefit from the use of the homotoxicological remedies. Acute childhood disease; to even the most advanced degenerative conditions may be alleviated through this method.

Acute conditions, especially childhood diseases, may be beneficially managed and treated according to natural biological medicinal principles.

All injuries and especially sports injuries may be treated and the healing time reduced. The committee of sport specialist physicians of the Olympic Games recommend primarily homotoxicological treatment for sports injuries.

Chronic disease in all its phases can be successfully treated by homotoxicological methods. If the disease has progressed too far, a cure may not be possible, but the patient’s quality of life may be improved in many instances. In many of these cases, homotoxicological therapy may be combined with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, antibiotic therapy and other methods of treatment.

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