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I am a pharmacist and owner of my own independent pharmacy in Stilfontein, a town close to Klerksdorp. My business was thriving and my clients received my dedicated professional help that was superior to the average. Then crises after crises occurred. My state of the art computer system crashed and somehow my service provider could or would not give me the support my business needed. I was losing clients and many thousands of Rand, it was a financial catastrophe.

As a pharmacist I decided on natural therapeutic support, consulted with Dr. Johann Oberholzer who practices integrated medicine and only prescribe natural medicines. He requested blood tests to evaluate my NAD levels which proved to be insufficient. He explained to me the biological pathology and together we decided on supplementation of NAD and NADH.

I took my supplementation daily and my recovery was miraculous. Needless to say that I was in charge again and my business is back to normal, my clients are satisfied and happy as before.

I am now using and recommending NAD and NADH supplementation on a regular basis.

    Ronel Keyser (Bsc Pharm)

I have been a patient of Dr. Johann Oberholzer since 1997. During these years he has saved my life on several occasions.

I suffer from chronic disease since childhood and was diagnosed with anemia chronic candida, coxsackie, Epstein barr viral infections, myalgic encephalitis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, depression and a host of other conditions. Ordinary allopathic medicine made all my symptoms worse and most doctors gave up, most were convinced all my symptoms were in my mind and I eventually was coerced into accepting electro encephalo therapy in 1981, a traumatic experience that made no difference and only caused me amnesia.

I investigated alternative therapeutic methods. Osteopathic treatments and deep tissue massage given by Dr. Oberholzer helped me tremendously over the years. Naturopathic counseling and dietetics gave me new insights and my chronic irritable bowel syndrome has improved. Homeopathic treatments have helped many of my acute and chronic conditions.

I am greatly indebted to Dr. Oberholzer for his kind and professional help over so many years.

    Mrs. E.M.M. Fourie

As a practicing dentist for 24 years, Dr. Johan Oberholzer introduced me to biological dentistry eight years ago. Post graduate study in biological dentistry opened new doors to me and brought a whole new quality to my work. I have handled many cases of complex pathology, referred to me by Dr. Oberholzer and have been able to solve a large percentage of chronic disease in said patients, by application of biological dentistry.

I recommend biological dentistry to my patients on a daily basis.

    Dr. Willem du Plooy

In the early 70’s I developed serious kidney problems. I saw several doctors including an urologist, who has performed a kidney operation. He diagnosed chronic bilateral glumeralone nephritis, as the condition was present for more than eighteen months he said that the prognosis was extremely poor. On the advice of one of my parishes I saw Dr. Rudolf Heymans, who practiced as a homeopath in the town Delareyville. His homeopathic treatment improved me so much that on the sixth visit to him we stopped all treatment and to date I have never had a relapse. Several doctors, including Dr. Oberholzer whom I have seen over the years never found anything wrong with my kidneys.

My wife suffered from rheumatism, Dr. Oberholzer treated her with homeopathic medication which completely cured her condition.

    Reverend J.A. du Plessis

My name is Lyn Hedgcock, I am 49 years old and would like to share my NAD treatment experience.

About 7 years ago I noticed my energy levels disappearing fast; I had exhaustion associated with pain. I started needing a minimum of 14 hours of sleep to be able to function for the day. I started gaining 8 Kg’s a year. Exercise caused me extreme pain in my legs with cramps and lumps the size of marbles appeared under my skin. I battled to control my body temperature. Bowel movements bordered on a constant upset tummy. I was unable to take any form of vitamin or mineral supplement. I would get immediate stomach cramps followed by violent throwing up and pain almost as though I have been poisoned, which usually took a 3 day recovery period. I became intolerant to so many foods which gave me the same reaction. In the end the only food I could tolerate was milk, proteins and sugars which I craved endlessly with no satisfaction.

Doctors could find no solutions for my symptoms. Two years ago we moved to the small town of Vosburg in the Karoo which offered us the opportunity of taking a whole years leave. This was going to be the perfect opportunity for me to heal, loose weight and regain my energy levels. However things got worse and now I was only able to stay awake 4 hours per day, my weight was still ballooning and muscle pains were extreme. My loving husband among many things is a musician and he joined a local band and was playing a gig in a neighboring town. It was there that I met the drummers wife I nicknamed “The Energizer Bunny” I commented on it, on how full of life she was and she proceeded to tell me about NAD and Dr. Oberholzer and how a few years ago she felt just like I was at that moment. I contacted Dr. Oberholzer with my story and instead of being brushed aside with a future appointment he immediately listened to my story and asked questions for over an hour on the telephone. I went for blood tests and was diagnosed in need of NAD Therapy. Within 2 weeks of starting the treatment I could feel my energy returning. It has been almost a year now. I only need six hours of sleep a night to function fully. I am slowly reintroducing all foods back into my diet. But the best thing for me is that before if I even looked at a piece of cake I would gain 4 kilograms, now I can eat that piece of cake and my weight does not alter. I have a metabolism now at last, I am of sugar, not because I don’t like it but because my body does not crave it anymore. I’m actually beginning to crave healthy alternatives. I still have weight to loose but in the past any weight that I lost would be regained within 2 months, now I know that when I start on a sensible weight loss program my metabolism is going to hold that ideal weight. The lumps under my skin are almost gone. What a blessing, I feel alive again. Dr. Oberholzer I thank you for caring from the bottom of my heart.

“I am now the Energizer Bunny”

    Lyn Hedgcock

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